How the Internet dismissed the Minister

    After today's statement on the resignation of the Minister of Defense of Germany, we can safely say that the Internet community pushed him to this step.

    It all started on the site , which took on the job of checking the minister’s doctoral work for plagiarism. It should be noted that this site is built on the popular in the West Wikia platform . Here everyone can create their own little Wikipedia, gather a society and discuss various topics. So, when enough evidence of plagiarism was found in the minister’s work, all the information was published and immediately picked up and distributed by bloggers, twitter and the facebook network.
    Articles began to appear in well-known magazines, or rather their online versions, such as Spiegel Online and . They began to ask the politician, and after a couple of days everyone found out about this story who at least 20 minutes a day is interested in what is happening in the country.

    The institute, which issued a doctorate to the minister, immediately issued a statement about the start of the investigation, and after about a week the minister himself said that he had made a mistake and removed the title of doctor. Then the Internet began to boil, at the moment, about 320,000 people support the minister on the created facebook page . Comments on articles in news sites flood tens of thousands.

    As a result, we can say that the impetus given by a small organization and taken up by large media can, at least in Germany, create such pressure on the politician that he will be forced to leave. Despite the fact that the Minister was supported by the Chancellor and the fact that Baron Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, according to recent polls, he was recognized as the country's most popular politician.

    We have tremendous power in our hands! Need to use it!

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