Sony's first warning

    Today I received the following letter in the mail:

    Note: Access to PlayStation®Network and Qriocity (TM) Services Notification Services

    Recently launched by illegal hackers for PlayStation®3 system illegal equipment allows you to use unauthorized or pirated software. The use of illegal equipment or software violates the following conditions: “PlayStation®3 SYSTEM SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT” and “PlayStation®Network / Qriocity (TM) SYSTEM OF SERVICE AND LICENSE AGREEMENT”, as well as the Community Code of Conduct.

    In addition, copying or using pirated software is a violation of international copyright law.

    Currently illegal equipment and / or unauthorized or pirated software is used by your PlayStation®3 system.

    Stop using illegal equipment immediately and remove all unauthorized or pirated software from your PlayStation®3 system.

    Failure to do so will result in termination of access to the PlayStation®Network and Qriocity (TM) services through your PlayStation®3 system.

    The first step to ban ... I begin to regret that I am also a pirate: '(

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