Glove SudoGlove: machine control with finger movements

    Nokia recently boasted about how its Chinese engineers wrote a Symbian app for driving a BMW car. They could press the gas and brake pedals from the touchscreen and turn the steering wheel, as if it were a computer game.

    So, now everything has become even more fantastic. From now on, you don’t even need a smartphone to drive a car, just put a glove on your hand and move it with your fingers. For example, he raised his thumb - the car started up, sharply showed the middle finger - emergency braking. That's how the SudoGlove glove works , made by a talented student Jeremy Blum.

    Five gauges are sewn into the glove, including a 2D gyroscope and a vibration sensor. Wires go to a makeshift control module, which sends commands to a car equipped with an XBee radio module and an Arduino Pro Mini controller.

    The glove can be programmed for different gestures and turn the steering wheel with the tilt of the hand. True, so far the glove is sharpened to control a toy car, but this is easy to change.

    The student spent 250 hours of work on his project. All 600 lines of source codes can be downloaded here , on his website are also laid out schemes for assembly and other data.

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