I’ll stop throwing it in the trash

    I’ve been on Habré for a little over a year, I’m writing quite a lot, someone reads all this crap, puts pluses and subscribes to me. Thanks to all.

    For your advantages, they give me such things as invites, the opportunity to add articles myself, and recently I also received an icon, and now my vote is worth 2 units.

    So here. You do good to me, I return it. Invites and pros.

    With invites, this is the case. I came up with such a term - habrodazhdacha. Yesterday I was surprised to find that the Internet does not know such a word. Google honestly admits that he has never heard of it, Yandex gives out advertising for Husbro.

    Habrasdacha - this is an action that I conducted in the FB, when I had an invitation. He wrote something like “Another habrodazhdacha. The first one to leave a comment will receive an invite. ” Usually, an invite would leave in 10 minutes.

    Generally, in the form of sending an invitation there is a hint that a person should be good. I thought, and decided - if the person is in my friends at FB, then he is a good one. Even if he does not think so.

    But here is bad luck. I distributed 20 invites. Of these, at the time of this writing, 3 are not activated.

    What does it mean? A good person, but he doesn't need an invite. And Habr is not needed. In reserve, he took an invite. It turns out, I throw out good in the trash.

    Someone may well need this kind of good, but the ways to get it, for one reason or another, are in no way amenable.

    With those who activated the invite, all is not smooth either. 12 people have not written a single comment, not to mention the articles. Accordingly, only read (if at all go). Read, as I recall, without invites. Again, good thrown in the trash.

    There you can also throw 3 more people who wrote one comment each.

    In general, everything is bad. Good receive those who do not consider it good. And I waste my time in vain - I write these habrodale, then find out the e-mail, sometimes even remind you to activate the invitation. And then I worry that the good disappears.

    From now on, I, as a law-abiding habro-citizen crab , will only give invitations to the authors of articles in the sandbox. I myself am the author of writings, and with respect I treat any author of any writings. Especially - to those who write for the first time. I know how difficult and scary it is.

    I will have a simple rule: invites - for authors.

    But that's not all. After all, there are pluses, in my case +2. But I honestly admit that I don’t use this good at all. Even if I read an article, I stupidly forget to put a plus.

    Up to this point I have not been subscribed to any hub, and not one author. I read only what accidentally catches my eye. However, I said above that I respect any author of any writings.

    It turns out a contradiction. I respect all the authors, but I don’t give any advantages to anyone. You can not do it this way.

    Therefore, from today I honestly perform my obligations. I subscribe to all authors who subscribe to me, and put the benefits to all their publications. Indiscriminately.

    Because they are authors. Authors should help each other. I am not going to compete with any of you for anything. But I learn from many.

    Plus, posting is, after all, a way of community self-regulation? A tool provided to participants for the implementation of, so to speak, the regulatory function. Non-binding duty. But - at its own discretion. Like a hammer, you can hammer nails, you can prop the door, you can stir borsch.

    I will have a simple rule. My plus is an expression of approval to the author, regardless of the content of the article.

    I want the authors to create more publications, and do it more often. This is the only way to increase skills in writing - through practice. No theoretical skills will help if you do not write.

    Now the rating of any publication is an equation with a bunch of unknowns. And I will be a constant.

    Well, still karma remained. Now I have a simple and proven algorithm. When someone subscribes to me, I add karma to him. It is very simple and convenient - I sat down once a day, pierced all the letters with the subject “such and such now is monitoring your activity ...”, he added and left. While I am writing this text, 4 such letters arrived, and I raised three karma. One, alas, read-only turned out to be - here I am powerless.

    With the distribution of such good as karma, in general, I do not know how to be. Probably, I will leave such an algorithm.

    Look like that's it. The strangest publication of all that I wrote.

    PS Lord moderators! If I have violated something in this publication, then only by negligence. I carefully re-read the sections of the rules relating to the content of this article, and did not see any violations. But if you have a different opinion, I agree with you without a dispute and will remove the publication in drafts.

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