Master Class. Making an iPad Case

    I am posting a master class on creating an iPad case from my wife Julia.
    Making a do-it-yourself iPad case is quick and easy! This case can be used both for carrying and for watching videos, as a photo frame, etc. (if you twist and put a triangle in the manner of desktop calendars). Further on her behalf:

    Today I decided to put out a workshop on making a cover on an iPad.
    This year I became the proud owner of an iPad and ran into a problem: I could not buy a case worthy of price and quality! In branded Mac shops, they cost a fortune, the price on the Internet (with delivery) is an average of $ 120 (for what I want). And then I decided to make a case myself.
    I hope someone will find my lesson useful. Moreover, a new series of holidays is coming soon: lovers' day, men’s day, women's day ... and a handmade gift is always valued higher!
    So, let's start:

    Step 1

    We need:
    - a flap of fabric 28x44 cm. On the cover (I have light beige satin),
    - a flap of takani on a 28x44 substrate (black is better, because the iPad screen color is black)
    - a piece of foam rubber 26x42 cm. 0.5 cm thick. (once bought a whole roll in a hardware store - 10 m. for $ 1 :) a useful thing as it turned out)
    - two sheets of cardboard 20x26 cm.
    - 35 cm. black gum 1 cm thick.
    - 15 cm. Decorative hat gum (I have silver)
    - 2 buttons: one small and flat, the second bigger for a fastener
    - scissors, a ruler, threads, needles, a ripper, chalk ... Well and any other nonsense with which it is convenient for you to work.

    Step 2

    Cut the fabric, foam and cardboard according to the dimensions indicated above. Round off the edges.

    Step 3

    Sew (sweep) the flap of the cover to the foam rubber (as in the photo).

    Step 4

    Sew on the buttons for the future fastener: a flat button back, and a large and beautiful one on the front side.

    Step 5

    We bind the cardboard to the flap of the substrate, so that between the sheets there is a distance of about 2 cm.

    Step 6

    To the front of the substrate we sew the elastic bands: at the corners of 10 cm and at the top 20 cm.

    Step 7

    We connect the cover and the substrate, sweep and attach to each other by 0.1. Because my top is light and the bottom is black, I tucked a light thread into the upper looper and black into the bobbin. Then we sweep out excess threads.

    Step 8 We

    attach a hat elastic to the bottom button. The ends are joined together and knotted.


    Enjoy the result of your work! Now you can safely throw the iPad into the bag, without fear of scratching the teeth of lightning on the bag or the keys lying around in it and so on.

    A couple more photos:

    Thank you for your attention! :)

    PS all photos were taken using iPhone 4

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