Anonymous attack Aaron Barr, who exposed them

    On Saturday , an article was published in the Financial Times newspaper that revealed the name of a specialist who allegedly identified the identities of 45 members of Anonymous, including their leader, nicknamed Owen from New York, and co-founder of the group, nicknamed Q from California (on arrests and searches of apartments activists reported earlier ). The self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes is Aaron Barr, the director of the small company HBGary Federal , which specializes in information security.

    Aaron Barr drew up a detailed account of Anonymous’s leadership and organization’s hierarchical structure. According to him, she has several hundred “operatives”, including the 30 most active and about 10 people, coordinating the group’s activities through IRC, Facebook and email.

    Aaron Barr was able to penetrate the network to the “enemy” by creating a series of fake Facebook profiles. He did a great job analyzing the appearance of famous characters in the Anonymous IRC chat and the appearance of Facebook suspects online. This allowed him to make informed guesses about who is hiding behind certain nicknames. Then he began to dig further and supplemented the picture with other evidence.

    This operation is part of a project to demonstrate the dangers of social networks and open communication systems for corporate systems. Aaron Barr plans to hold a presentation on this subject at a security conference in San Francisco in February.

    At the same time, the specialist assures that he did not pass the names of Anonymous members to the police, although they are known to him. Despite this, Aaron Barr immediately underwent a hacker attack. Attackers from the Anonymous group have already disfigured his twitter account ( screenshot ), hacked the corporate network of HBGary Federal and posted some sensitive documents ( torrent)) They found the aforementioned 23-page report and claim that it contains just “random names”. As proof, the document is publicly available via Barra's hacked twitter. Activists also contacted the owners of HBGary Federal and demand the dismissal of Aaron Barr, as well as the transfer of his salary to the Bradley Manning support fund .

    Personally, the president of the company went to Anonymous IRC chat to negotiate and try to persuade activists not to publish other HBGary Federal documents that came into their hands online. According to co-owner of the company Greg Hoglund, this will cost their business several million dollars.

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