IBM Celebrates 100 Years of Technological Progress

    Our civilization owes its successes in science and technology not only to single geniuses, but also to large companies that were able to develop the achievements of the past and bring in many new products that would hardly have appeared without the existence of those same companies. IBM is one of them, and now the company is celebrating 100 years of participation in technological progress. During this time, many discoveries were made, a huge number of new products were developed, including barcodes, an airline reservation system, and a personal computer.

    In general, it is very difficult to underestimate the contribution of IBM to the development of technologies, which, in turn, help to change society. Of course, these changes are not always good, and there were a lot of mistakes and failures, but nevertheless IBM deserves our respect. Below you can watch a video lasting 30 minutes, which shows not only the past of the company, but also the future predicted by futuristic experts. And yes, the film is in English, but without it, everything is clear.

    In addition to the video, a special resource has been created covering the achievements of the company .

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