Microsoft has closed access to the source code utilities Sysinternals

    In 2006, Microsoft acquired Sysinternals . Developers Mark Russinovich and Bruce Cogswell wrote a large number of useful system utilities for managing, diagnosing, troubleshooting, and monitoring the Microsoft Windows environment.

    Sysinternals has become part of Microsoft Technet, utilities are still available for download here and here . But before buying the company, it was possible to download the source codes of the programs on the site, and now the source codes are not available.

    Microsoft claims that the source code was removed due to the fact that its availability may cause problems with the support of other Windows components.

    Sysinternals source codes demonstrated such features as hiding information in the registry, intercepting and connecting API functions to monitor the file system, and other interesting things. Often, programs used the undocumented functions of the Native API to perform actions that were not possible using the standard WinAPI.

    Fortunately, someone posted on the torrents a mirror of the Sysinternals website dated July 18, 2006 (the date of purchase of the company), which contains not only the pages of the site, but also all the utilities and source code.

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