mflow - new social radio

    Yesterday, quite by chance, I stumbled in my Buzz on how Google promoted interesting tapes, among these tapes was a tape of one interesting music service, which will be discussed later.


    mflow is a new social service combining a social network, the ability to share music with friends, Internet radio and a music store. The service allows you to: listen, share, buy and discuss the music you like.

    The idea of ​​the service is based on waves, which are a direct analogue of tweets. Unlike tweets, the wave includes a whole music track that anyone can listen to and a short message with a comment about the song and your greetings to friends.


    The main highlight of the service is the ability to listen to any music that is in its database for free. You can use the search or simply turn on the wave of one of your friends that matches your musical tastes.
    When searching, you are given the opportunity to listen to any 30 seconds of the song you are interested in, and if you create a wave with this song, you can listen to it completely.
    The peculiarity of the waves is that they cannot be listened to over and over again, but since there are probably a lot of waves with the song you like, it is not difficult to listen to one song on repeat.

    A nice addition may be that if someone bought a song from your wave, 20% of the cost of the composition is credited to your account.

    The music base of the service is constantly growing and, according to the developers, now it has more than 5 million songs.

    As I already noted, the music is completely free to listen to (except for songs not for sale, except as part of the album). It is broadcast in AAC format 160kb / s.

    There is the possibility of cross-posts on Facebook and Twitter.

    There are clients for Mac and Windows and the Google Chrome browser.


    In my opinion, mflow could be what everyone expected from Apple Ping.


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