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Original author: Fabien Potencier
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The symfony development team once again delights us with the release of a new version of the framework which implements many new features and chips.

But to understand whether you need these innovations and how to use them in practice is not so simple, and for beginners it is not at all clear where to start studying the framework, moreover, it can take a lot of your time, which is usually not enough.

Apparently, to solve these problems, the developers of the framework decided to continue the series of articles showing examples of implementing a web project from beginning to end using symfony 1.2.

The tutorial called "The Jobeet" is called, in fact, it is a site for posting vacancies, like the "work" section on the hub

Actually translation
In the three years that the symfony framework was an open-source project, it has become one of the most popular PHP frameworks, thanks to its impressive features and excellent documentation.

In December 2005, after the first symfony release, a series of articles (hereinafter referred to as the tutorial) Askeet tutorial (also known as Demand - Translator's Note) was published, it was a collection of 24 publications written from December 1 to December 24, one article per day.

This tutorial turned out to be an indispensable tool for beginners studying the framework (including me - approx. Translator). Many developers learned symfony thanks to it, and many companies use it as their main symfony tutorial.

Today we are celebrating the new symfony 1.2 release, so the time has come for a new tutorial.

Jobeet - a new tutorial on creating a site (web application) for posting vacancies.

Yes, we will do it again. Every day, including weekends, a new lesson will be published, taking about an hour of your time. This will be a great opportunity to learn Symfony in the process of creating a real web application, from start to finish.

Every day new features will be added to the application, during the development process new features of symfony will be shown, as well as good examples of development on symfony.

Articles will be published on the blog and in the documentation section on the symfony official website.

The tutorial is written for beginners, you will need good knowledge of PHP5 and object-oriented programming. But even if you are already familiar with symfony, by reading the tutorial you will probably learn new things and learn about the new features of symfony 1.2.

And one more thing before you start learning Jobeet Tutorial.
The symfony framework is more than just code and documentation for it, it is also a community of developers that is actively developing. With the new symfony release and the launch of the new Jobeet tutorial, this community will take it to the next level.

If you have a blog, if you talk in PHP forums, or just have a friend web developer who doesn't use symfony, it's time to put a little word for symfony. And to make it easier for you, here are some banners (viral marketing in action - approx. Translator).


Study the Jobeet tutorial, its first part has already been published on the official symfony website.

Link to The Jobeet Tutorial:

Will the expected development of the community show the time.
Data for December 2, 2008:
- 353 plugins
- 927 releases
- 175 developers
- 4900 users

If you are interested, you can start translating “The Jobeet Tutorial: Day 1”

UPD: Application Prototypes

The main page will display the last added vacancies.
Detailed description of the vacancy

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