Updated Toshiba Satellite and Qosmio Notebook Models

    Earlier this year, Toshiba announced an update to its flagship Satellite and Qosmio series notebook models. Second-generation Intel Core processors, modern high-speed interfaces, as well as support for 3D technology significantly expanded the functionality of Toshiba laptops. With new features, users get the most powerful portable systems for working with digital information, video, games, etc.image

    Satellite A660 / A665 / A665 3D: entertainment machines

    Satellite A660, Satellite A665 and Satellite A665 3D notebook models include quad-core Intel Core processors of the second generation Core i7 and Intel Core i5. Thanks to them, you can easily create, edit and share multimedia files. RAM can be expanded up to 8 GB DDR3 (1333 MHz). The performance of integrated notebook graphics thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M GPU with Optimus technology has almost doubled.


    We also note the presence of Sleep and Charge functions, the emergence of the super-fast USB 3.0 standard, which provides data transfer speeds 10 times higher than USB 2.0. The Bluetooth 3.0 + HS (High Speed) interface allows you to connect external devices wirelessly to
    speeds up to 24 Mbps. In addition, models with a TV tuner have a new slim remote control that is compatible with Windows Media Center Edition.

    Qosmio X500: the choice of real gamers

    The Qosmio X500 is now not only equipped with 4-core Intel Core processors of the second generation i7 and i5, but also allows you to convert two-dimensional images into three-dimensional ones, via HDMI output 3D-movies to a compatible TV.


    The updated Qosmio X500 has a hybrid drive consisting of a 500 GB hard drive and a 4 GB solid state drive, which can significantly reduce the boot time of the operating system. The hybrid solution offers a higher speed of reading and writing information compared to a conventional hard drive with a plate rotation speed of 7200 rpm, but at the same time it retains a large capacity at an affordable price.

    Also, Qosmio X500 notebooks are now equipped with Bluetooth 3.0 support, which allows you to exchange data with external devices wirelessly even faster.

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