Victorinox Launches World's Smallest 256GB SSD

    SSDs are becoming more popular, in addition, over time, these devices become smaller, more capacious and faster (read / write). Victorinox, known for its solutions not only in the field of universal knives, but also in the field of portable storage devices (previously the company produced flash drives built into a knife), introduced an interesting device at CES - a miniature SSD drive with a capacity of 256 gigabytes. The drive is so small that it is quite possible to use it as a keychain for keys.

    Victorinox calls this product the smallest SSD in the world with similar capacity, and it probably is. The read and write speeds are 3 and 2 times higher, respectively, than those of the fastest USB-flash drives. In addition, the device’s design is also interesting - the manufacturer “packed” the SSD in a Swiss knife, previously the company has already released models of storage devices in the same style.

    There are other interesting features - for example, a miniature monochrome display of "electronic paper" with a resolution of 96 * 46 pixels. The display shows useful information about the document / folder / disk. The display function of the current file that is currently being transmitted will also be useful.

    Unfortunately, neither the cost of the device nor the date of its entry into the market is yet known. It seems that the device will not be cheap, but the design, characteristics and functions of the device are very attractive.

    Via Victorinox

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