Router with built-in Tor anonymizer

    Some political activists, non-profit organizations and businessmen are forced to use Tor's multi-level anonymizer in their work. Good news for them: now you don’t have to bother with software settings . You can use a home router with hardwired support for cryptography and Tor at the hardware level. Traffic from home devices will automatically go through secure channels - no manipulation is required with the operating system at all.

    The firmware for the cheap Buffalo Technology router was created by Tor activists as part of the OpenWrt project , which develops open software for network equipment.

    The firmware allows you to flexibly control traffic: let only selected packet types through secure channels, for example, only VoIP.

    A device with new firmware is already being tested by several dozen volunteers. If the tests are successful, then Buffalo may release a commercial version of the modified router (although in any case, the firmware can be downloaded separately and installed independently). Part of the proceeds from the sale of the device will go to support non-profit projects Tor and OpenWrt. In addition, an increase in the number of nodes in the peering network of proxy servers will make the Tor network more reliable and faster. Governments or special services will not be able to cover it in one go.

    via Technology Review

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