Google Chrome - the most "holey" program?

    Bit9 published a study that revealed that Google Chrome is the most “leaky” program in which 76 vulnerabilities with a high degree of risk were discovered.
    The original “top” itself looks like this:
    1). Google Chrome (76 reported vulnerabilities)
    2). Apple Safari (60)
    3). Microsoft Office (57)
    4). Adobe Reader and Acrobat (54)
    5). Mozilla Firefox (51)
    6). Sun Java Development Kit (36)
    7). Adobe Shockwave Player (35)
    8). Microsoft Internet Explorer (32)
    9). RealNetworks RealPlayer (14)
    10). Apple WebKit (9)
    11). Adobe Flash Player (8)
    12). Apple QuickTime (6) and Opera (6) The
    study was conducted using data fromNational Vulnerability Database . Many reported vulnerabilities can be found on the official Google blog. However, this study only confirmed my opinion of using a browser from Google, paradoxically as it may seem.

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