Google Voice is now for iPhone

    Earlier this year, the Google Voice HTML5 web app was launched for iPhone users. Today , the official Google Voice app for iPhone has been released for American users .

    All major Google Voice features are available in the iPhone app:
    • cheap rates for international calls;
    • Free text messages to US numbers;
    • voice mail recording;
    • Displays the Google Voice user number as caller ID when making calls.

    There are also some more nice features:
    • instant notification of new voice and text messages;
    • most calls will go through direct access numbers , which will allow users to connect as fast as with regular phone calls.

    Google Voice for iPhone is available for download from the Apple App Store . To use it, you need an iPhone with iOS version 3.1 or higher and an account in  Google Voice . Let me remind you that currently, Google Voice, alas, is available only in the United States.

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