Inside "Megamind" - a few facts

    MegamindAnother animated blockbuster swept through movie theaters around the world. " Megamind " studio DreamWorks took first place in the rankings, has set several records, impressed us all quality graphics. And so on and so forth - no one expected anything else from DreamWorks. But let's now say a little about the technical side of the cartoon in the genre of "I will be brief":
    • Megamind was the first DreamWorks picture made in HDR (High Dynamic Range) format . This, in fact, is a large part of the "unusual" picture

    • the number of "extras" characters exceeded 1 million - a kind of psychological bar for the industry

    • 320 suits were modeled (complex models with their own physics, not just textures on top of the characters) - compare with the 138th in the last “Shrek”
    • 700,000 water droplets modeled according to all laws of physics participated in the rain scene
    • working data occupied 179 TB on studio disks
    • cartoon rendering took 54 million hours of cpu time

    And what about HP? Despite the fact that for many years DreamWorks has been forcing HP to come up with new solutions to meet its growing challenges. And as a result of work on Megamind, the name of the HP Z800 workstations even added a plus sign - HP Z800 +. And this is a “plus” to the 6-core Intel Xeon 5650, up to 192 GB of RAM and nVidia Quadro FX - a complete list of options here .


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