Xperia x10 / x10 mini / x10 mini pro - upgrade from 1.6 to 2.1

    Today I was just going to go to sleep as the phone issued a message that a software update was available. It would update quietly tomorrow, if not for the last item in the list of updates: changing the version of android from 1.6 to 2.1.
    Naturally, I became interested and joyfully ran to update my phone.

    As usual, I launched Sony Ericsson PC companion, saw an offer to upgrade, clicked on, saw a warning that all my personal data will be deleted during the update process and I need to backup - ok, went to the Backup & Restore website , installed the proposed application, made backup.
    I click further, put a daw that I made a backup and understand that all my personal data will be destroyed, wait a while and get a message
    Cannot install or run phone software update components

    That's right, with an error :)
    I tried to restart the phone, the computer, deleted all applications from the phone (backup was done anyway) - to no avail, the message still pops up. Search in Yandex did not give anything. I got on the technical support forum - and there I did not find anything sensible, but the topics were pleased
    WAit before update to ANDROID 2.1
    and the like. Well, fear the wolves - do not go to the forest.

    The solution to the problem was unexpectedly found in the form of the Update Service program . I downloaded it, launched it, offered to connect the phone, performed all the steps - turned it off, waited 30 seconds, connected usb with the back key

    pressed , and here it is the long-awaited update download: and immediately after it the installation (I didn’t even have to press anything else)

    After installation, turn on the phone and get xperia x10 mini (pro) with android 2.1 installed.
    Now you need to reconfigure the date / time, google account and internet connection, and then proceed to recover data from backup, which is what my phone is currently doing, currently issue About 20% is completed.

    From what immediately caught my eye: a new design theme, in darker colors and silver buttons instead of the old blue ones, and a new unlock screen (if earlier to unlock the phone it was enough to press the menu button, now two sliders appeared there: one to unlock, and the second to mute). It is not yet clear whether there is an opportunity to change the design theme to the old blue one, because I honestly liked the old one more. The new theme looks damp, especially not very beautiful gradients (for example, under the name of the operator if you pull the status bar) and these new gray buttons are a little annoying, the old ones were better. Well, the problems of the previous design theme have not been solved: the small “quit” buttons in the language switch panel with the keyboard extended and the “search” in the market,

    There is nothing more to say about the update (because I am waiting for the recovery of my data from backup), I just decided to please all the owners of Xperia x10 mini (pro) with the news about the long-awaited 2.1 for our phone and released a way to solve the problem: “I can’t install or start the software update components phone ”, if suddenly someone else comes across her.

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