Now there will be ... iWear

    When I first saw this photo, something froze inside. At first I thought it was a joke. Googled, looked ... yes, this is a really high-quality joke that scoopertino dismissed (by the way, a very funny site for fans).

    So, jokes with jokes, but in fact, a thing may work well! I am convinced that there are not a hundred, and, probably, not even a thousand Aimanyaks who are ready to pay good money for such a set.

    Let me remind you that Apple CEO has been true to himself for the past 12 years :
    • St. turtleneck Croix 100% Cotton
    • Levi's 501 jeans with the same straight fit and five pockets
    • NduranceTM New Balance 991 Sneakers

    A real example of aphorism: "It is not clothing that colors a person, but man's clothing."

    As we can see, things themselves are simple. But the kit can generate really good added value. And if also with the correct positioning ... and if also in the correct packaging!

    So, as they say - fly on, hurry up! ;)

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