November issue of Progam magazine


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    The last time we wrote about how to organize the team and how the distribution of work. Thanks to everyone for the criticism and comments, we tried to take into account the proposals, made a landscape orientation, increased the number of articles and screenshots in the issue, corrected the layout and tried to minimize the mistakes of the authors. We hope you enjoy it.

    What has changed from the last issue?

    • The understanding came that there is no ideal task management system. We moved to Worksection, a great service that is inexpensive and works smoothly, but quickly felt its main disadvantage. Worksection is not a place for communication, not the way we are accustomed to seeing CPS after Timer.
    • Get rid of bad authors.
    • Created the basis of the headings.
    • But they did not find a sensible coder, ready at first to help "for the idea" :(

    PS The site still does not work fully, but we hope that we will update the engine soon and all new articles will go to the site.

    PS In the next topic I will try to review the most interesting free PDF publications. If you create or know such a magazine (on any topic), write to me at, I will gladly include it in the review.

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