Verizon will pay its customers 90 million for erroneous accounts

    On Habré often there are reports that such and such mobile operator (mainly complain about Russian and Ukrainian OPSos), took a lot of money for no reason. A positive solution to such problems is very rare - most often the operators are simply silent, although, of course, there are exceptions. An interesting example for comparison may be the situation with one of the largest US mobile operators, Verizon. This company had (almost voluntarily, after the intervention of the US Federal Communications Commission) to pay about $ 90 million to customers who were sent the wrong bills.

    The number of customers who received erroneous accounts reaches 15 million people - and all of them were returned funds. The total amount of 90 million is perhaps the largest such payment in the entire history of the existence of telecom operators. The fact is that Verizon was periodically mistaken in calculating funds, and customers received bills for services that they did not use and which were not connected at all (for example, using some tariff plans for working on the Internet via a mobile device).

    The company found that these 15 million customers were sent invoices in excess of $ 2 to $ 6 over a period of several years. These funds were returned, and most notably, the money was returned even to former customers who no longer use Verizon's communications services.

    It is also worth noting that Verizon returned money to existing customers in the form of replenishment of a mobile account (from October to November), and checks with compensation were sent to former customers (for amounts from 2 to 6 dollars, as indicated above).

    The US Federal Communications Commission intervened after it had already received several hundred, if not thousands, of calls from customers of this mobile operator regarding incorrect charging of funds for services that customers did not use. To clarify the situation, the FCC turned to Verizon, which began the analysis of archival and current accounts. After a short work with accounts, the company apologized for the mistake, and promised to restore justice by returning the money to the affected customers.

    For some reason, it seems to me that if domestic telecom operators began to check their own accounts (at least by court order), then the amounts charged to customers “by mistake” would probably exceed $ 90 million. After all, in our country these “mistakes” often significantly exceed the unfortunate 2 dollars, as is the case with the Americans. It is clear that nobody will count anything in our country. Even if the court decides something similar there, our companies will find a way out without returning funds ...

    Via CNET

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