Hexlet.ru: “collective computer science student”


    Remember my proektiki about studying at Carleton University in the Computer Science program? He will soon be 2 years old!

    This summer, I invited other people who are not indifferent to computer science, mathematics, and other sciences (students, specialists, or teachers / professors) to join me and create a collective blog. Today we are pleased to open the door to a new site, which it was decided to call Hexlet . Hexlet is a mathematical figure that perfectly symbolizes the structure of the content of our community: the adjoining spheres within a large sphere as neighboring fields of science.

    We invite you to participate in the community. You can publish any useful materials: from lecture notes to your own research. Students and people working in the industry can share experience and knowledge; teachers or professors can use the site as a platform for publishing materials on their own course: then their students will be able to not only get the necessary information, but also discuss it with other people from different parts of the world.

    The project is still under development, so any help is welcomed, at least with advice, at least with deed. So far, there is a lack of some unique design (we are not sure whether it is needed at all), suitable for logo design and tips on styles and typography. Any suggestions, ideas or suggestions are gratefully accepted by feedback@hexlet.ru.

    The name was proposed by Dmitry Kostyuchenko. The author of the logo in this topic is Anton Prischepa.

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