BBCode-enabled Growl Webkit Style

    Continuing the topic We study foreign expressions (and not only) , created a separate plugin for Growl, which supports advanced formatting. I believe that to learn the language (and not just expressions) you need to display a little more information than just the line “original - translation”, for example, add context. But in this case, it is necessary to somehow separate the semantic blocks from each other, preferably visually. This plugin allows you to do this.

    Naturally, the possibilities of using the plugin are not limited - it supports a full set of BBCode tags . In this article I will tell you how to install and use the plugin.


    Download the archive and unpack. You can install either by double-clicking, or manually copy BBCode.growlStyle to ~ / Library / Application Support / Growl / Plugins.

    After that, you need to configure the use of this plugin (System Preferences-> Growl-> Display Options):
    Choose BBCode as the Default Style (you can configure the use of this style only in individual applications, see the Applications tab).

    If you are going to modify this plugin, then do not forget to restart Growl (General tab, Start Growl / Stop Growl button) after a new installation or change of sources in ~ / Library / Application Support / Growl / Plugins.


    Notification, the screenshot above, can be obtained with the following command (note the use of the -s option):

    $ growlnotify -t "full of beans" -m"- энергичный, в приподнятом
    настроении[br][br][i]Example:[br][color=#CC6600]My Granny, who is
    seventy, is always full of beans.[/color][/i]" -s

    The "-w" option does not work (most likely this is due to the not entirely correct support for plugins on WebKit), but the "-s" perfectly replaces it.

    All BBCode tags are supported . To do this, use BBCode2HTML javascript . The visual style is based on CSS from Hud Growl Theme .

    PS As for the actual study of the English language, I liked the list of idioms on the Native English website , now I contacted the site owners on the terms of use of their material. As soon as I get permission and export the data, I will write a separate article.

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