Alternate page view for opera speed dial

    For a long time I was looking for a way to detect Speed ​​Dial from Opera, so that for Speed ​​Dial a special kind of pages would be given.
    Through experiments, it was found that in the “Screenshoter Speed ​​Dial” mode Opera sets hard values ​​for document.documentElement.clientHeight and document.documentElement.clientWidth respectively to 768 and 1024, naturally, if there is a body tag inside the document.

    Here, in fact, is the code that detects “opera speed dial mode”: Test page Source code Just add /u/2899751/opera-speed-dial/test.html into one of the Opera Speed ​​Dial cells.
    var sd = document.documentElement.clientHeight == 768 && document.documentElement.clientWidth == 1024 && window.opera;

    In normal mode, a “Common page” will be issued; in Speed ​​Dial mode, there will be a wall paper with android

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