"Don't be evil" by Eric Schmidt

    Free translation:
    • The caption on the screen is "Meet Google CEO Eric Schmidt."
    • "Hey guys! Get your free ice cream! Free-of-charge moro-o-nogo!"
    • "Hello boys and girls." Ominous laughter.
    • To the camera: “They should know that there is no free ice cream.”
    • Companion: "Give me their full scan."
    • Children: "Come on guys. Keep your ice cream."
    • Into the camera, ominously: "I already know your favorite varieties of ice cream."
    • To the children: "Now stand still while we collect some of your ... secrets."
    • “Have you ever had something that no one should know? Well, you shouldn't have done that in principle.”
    • Ominous laughter.
    • "Remember kids, you can believe everything your parents say about privacy."
    • "Timmy, does mom know that your dad sits on" sports "sites all day?" Ominous laughter.
    • "How about you, Susie? I bet your dad doesn't know that your mom googles her old buddies again." Ominous laughter.
    • "And now kids, I want to share with you our latest invention, with these" Google Honest Spy "glasses I can see EVERYTHING!" Ominous laughter.
    • Parent: "Hey, this is the guy AGAIN! Take it!"
    • Schmidt: "Oops, it's time to do the legs, kids. And remember, we put your Oakle village on Google."
    • Voice-over: “Call your congressman and demand the creation of a Do Not Track Me list today.”

    The video is the result of the joint efforts of the American group of lawyers Consumer Watchdog , calling themselves human rights defenders. It is not difficult to guess from the content and content of the video that this group is opposed to the search giant and its technologies that track user actions wherever possible.

    This work appeared in response to a provocative statement by Eric Schmidt in one of his interviews:
    “I think the judges will judge. If you have something that no one should know, maybe you should not do it initially. If you really need this kind of privacy, the reality is that search engines, including Google, store any information for a while and this is important. For example, we are all subjects of the United States of America (the rest of the world is also visible, according to Eric, translator's note) and we are guided by the Patriotic Act, and it is possible that all this information will be available to the authorities. ”

    The subsequent reaction of the public and, in fact, of Google itself is interesting. In the meantime, this video has less than 1000 views, and its shortened 15-second teaser version is spinning on one of the huge displays on Time Square in New York.

    One person on Skype made the right comment about the last phrase in the video. We put “Ogle” in “Google” - there is a pun. Ogle - means "look with lust," "devour your eyes." And it turns out that Google kind of added this word in the name of the company for a reason. For this wonderful decoding, we thank the nameless reader-hub with the email address - rosnanocorp@gmail.com.

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