Richard Feynman The nature of physical laws. Lecture 1

    My good friend, on his own initiative, decided to translate the popular lectures of the famous theoretical physicist, Nobel laureate Richard Feynman, which he gave at Cornell University in 1964.

    At the moment, one lecture is pre-prepared, which I am pleased to present to your attention. The version with subtitles is already ready, as soon as the version with voice acting is ready, I will update the post.

    So, “The nature of physical laws,” lecture one.

    Those who are interested in who Richard Feynman is and why his lectures are so interesting can first read the Wiki article .

    On my own behalf, I can recommend the amazing book "You are, of course, joking, Mr. Feynman!" In it, Feynman himself tells extremely fascinating stories about his life.

    By the way, the main ideologist and implementer of the idea of ​​a Russian-language translation does not have an account on Habré, so if you like the result of the work, he will be glad to receive an invitation to the mail . Thank you, invite received! The transfer organizer is called ztarlitz .

    UPD . Moved to translations.

    UPD2 . For those who are not comfortable looking at vimeo, there is an option on Yandex.Video.

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