FBI demands to remove its logo from the free encyclopedia website

    The FBI logo has been the subject of a legal dispute between the bureau and Wikipedia. The FBI threatens to sue its emblem in a free encyclopedia, alleging that the emblem is used without permission, which violates federal law. The online encyclopedia, led by a non-profit group, and the articles are edited by users, refuses to remove it from the article about the bureau, considering their actions legal.

    The Wikimedia Foundation's chief consultant, Mike Godwin, in a letter to the FBI, chided the bureau that their claims were unfounded, that the fund had spoken with independent consultants and was ready to challenge its point of view in court. The company considers the law that the bureau refers to put it mildly “peculiar” and even “wrong,” noting that the FBI emblem is also posted on other sites on the network, for example, in the Britannican encyclopedia article.

    In response, the FBI reports that Wikipedia should remove the image, since the bureau did not approve of its use and gave sanctions for its placement. Especially the FBI is concerned that high resolution images are freely available, as this makes it easy for anyone to copy and use the emblem for fraudulent purposes. The legal department of the bureau, citing federal law, says that duplication of official signs without the appropriate permission of the Director of the FBI is illegal, threatening legal action in case of failure to fulfill the requirement.

    Wikipedia retorts, stating that the law does not mean placing the emblem separately for non-commercial purposes, but with respect to identity cards or other insignia, the duplication of which is prohibited. In addition, the FBI logo on Wikipedia is not used to deceive or represent anyone as an agent of the federal government.

    Many experts call the scandal “stupid” and “disturbing,” believing that Wikipedia has the right to place the emblem, guided by the first amendment to the US constitution, and the FBI obviously has more important things to do.

    Based on materials: CNET and NYTimes

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