Habrafootball: Habr vs Intel

    Hello. As usual, this Saturday we are going to play a hubrafootball at the Academka . But this time it will not be an ordinary game - we are gathering a team to meet with Intel on Monday.

    Intel already supported Hubrafootball . This time they decided to test our strength on the football field :)

    We play on Monday, at 20 o’clock on the mini-football field in Luzhniki.

    The composition of the team that will enter the field on Monday will be determined on Saturday. First of all, I would like to see veterans - those who were at the first games. But those who come for the first time will have a chance to get on the field on Monday, if you prove your best :)

    On Saturday, we play at 19 hours. As always, we need: balls, water, a first-aid kit, a laptop with a webcam and a camera. It’s understandable why the ball and water (who is on the machines - bring it, you will have a first-aid kit with you), laptop - to organize online broadcasting (usually it is from one point). Well, fotik - it’s clear why, everyone loves photo reports.

    See you on the field!

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