Average traffic consumption per mobile - 230 MB per month

    US cellular subscribers consume, on average, 230 MB of traffic per month, according to Chetan Sharma statistics for Q2. 2010, which puts the United States in first place in the world for this indicator. The traffic consumption over the past six months has grown by 50% and it is not surprising that AT&T and other operators began to cancel unlimited tariffs in turn. Previously, the same owner of the iPhone received anlim for $ 30 per month, but now he pays $ 15 for 200 MB and $ 25 for 2 GB .

    Obviously, traffic through mobile operators will continue to grow at the same pace, because more and more subscribers are buying smartphones. For example, in the United States, of all subscribers, already 31% have purchased smartphones.

    Operator revenue from voice traffic is falling, so they are ready to completely turn into normal ISPs. It is estimated that data transfer revenue will exceed voice traffic revenue in about Q2. year 2013.

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