Mobile operator LIFE and GSM \ GPS trackers

    Recently on Habré very often I notice topics related to various GSM \ GPS trackers. I have also been following these devices for a very long time and even use them in everyday life. I recently installed a GSM-GPS tracker on my car . The system worked for exactly three weeks and I was almost happy with it. But yesterday there was a very unpleasant moment, I decided to send SMS to my car in order to find out the coordinates of its position. But within 10 minutes there was no reply SMS, then I decided to call, to which I heard the familiar voice of the robot “This number is temporarily out of service”. Strange, I thought, maybe some kind of glitch? This morning, I specially went to the garage to check the system, tried to make another call, but the result is the same.
    Then I pulled out the SIM card and rearranged it into the phone, checking the balance, I unexpectedly discovered that there was only 1 hryvnia on the account, although there should have been about 50 hryvnias. And also in the response to the USSD request, I did not see the usual line with the end date of the SIM card.

    Then I tried to make an outgoing call, but I heard only one signal and silence, I thought that the card died from extreme heat, but it seemed to be registered on the network and answered USSD requests. It was unbearably hot +41 in the shade, so it was decided to figure out everything at home. Arriving home, I decided to first replenish the balance! Successfully replenished the account for 50 hryvnia, but can’t you call again? Strange ... I called the operator, answered as always a sweet female voice, I briefly described the problem to her. The girl asked me to stay on the line while she checked the information on my number. About a minute later, she gave me this phrase: “Our company recorded that you use your SIM card in third-party equipment, such as tracking / notification systems, and if you refuse this undertaking, then go to any of our branches with your passport, there you renew the number. " I tried to clarify with the girl: “Can't I use my SIM card in the GSM tracker?” To which she affirmatively answered “Of course not!”. I tried to find on the Internet and on the operator’s official websiteLIFE information on this subject, but did not find anything. A question for habrozuery, maybe someone faced this problem, what are the solutions, and is it really illegal to use the operator’s SIM card in such devices?

    In general, I was at Life’s office today. Employees plainly couldn’t explain anything to me :( I
    wrote a statement to explain in writing which clause of the agreement I violated and how they found out about it. I also demanded to return the money that was lost from the balance. They promised to figure out and unlock the number. We are waiting ...

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