Worms Reloaded Release Date


    In February, it became known that a new strategy about cult "worms" - Worms Reloaded - was being developed. As then the head of Team17, Martin Brown (Martyn Brown), the game will be two-dimensional, will be released only on personal computers, and you can purchase it through the Steam online service .

    And now it became known that waiting for Worms Reloaded is less than a month away - the release will take place on August 26, 2010. Players will be offered about 60 levels, more than 45 types of weapons, the Warzone campaign, as well as the Bodycount mode. Moreover, the authors will also prepare a level editor where you can create your own locations.

    Steam support guarantees high-quality and convenient multiplayer modes - in Worms Reloaded you can play up to 4 players in online or hot-sit matches with Steamworks support (updates, friend list, ratings, achievements and chat).

    Below you can see the latest project trailer.

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