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    Moscow without Muscovites is almost a reality. At least, without the “indigenous” ones, I’ve gotten used to the fact that most of my friends are newcomers by default, and the person born and raised in the capital is just some kind of exotic. And what is needed first of all to the "come in large numbers"? That's right, housing. But it’s not on the pillars that the ads are torn, in fact. Yes, and buy newspapers - somehow nekomilfo. Project announced at the end of last year

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    - An online rental housing base - is undergoing a renaissance. Some time ago, the creators of this project asked me to talk about how he had been doing all this time, what news, and what he can offer users. The topic turned up quite conveniently, since I myself plan to move in the near future, and my interest in such resources is purely practical.

    The first impression of the site is pleasant - a convenient and concise design, without any fashionable, as it were, webdvanol glossy fintiflyushki. The service works in an elementary way: select the region of interest on the map or enter the desired one in the search bar, set the required filters in the menu - and see the number of objects at the addresses you need. On the right is a tag cloud, with a glance over which you can get a general idea of ​​the popularity or relevance of certain regions. For example, VYKHINO catches the eye - one must assume that it includes Zamkad Novokosino, Kozhuhovo. A similar story with Shchelkovskaya, Altufevo, etc. By the way, don’t go, children, to Vykhino - in the mornings you’ll get out of there.

    Below the map is a list of recently added objects. By clicking, they open in a new tab, which is convenient. The announcement page contains a full set of relevant information: a photo - if there is, similar objects, even a code for inserting into a blog (I wonder why? To brag?), And the opportunity to complain about incorrectness.

    Base of apartments

    The most important thing, perhaps, in such projects is the base of apartments. Livebase currently has approximately 26,000 apartments in its database. The base is relevant - ads need to be updated every 6 days, otherwise they will be removed. Now mostly ads from agencies, but the functionality allows you to add ads yourself.

    By the way, compared with the same newspapers, online ad databases have a concrete advantage: the newspaper infa has long been no different in honesty and relevance from the ads on poles - these are purely advertisements aimed at taking a person to a call to a specific agency where will already professionally hang noodles on the ears. And you won’t be able to compete with this - unless in a rage to tear up a newspaper, but to call the telephone number and say everything you think about them - but, in general, they achieve this. Functioning feedback mechanisms are one of the benefits of online.


    Made quite conveniently, email confirmation is not required, but confirmation of the phone number is necessary, which is logical, given the specifics of the topic. Cons - pressing enter when the phone number form is filled in is not perceived, you have to wield the mouse. The first time he tried to register, he told me that my email on yandex .ru was already registered, but I was too lazy to remember the password, so I calmly re-registered the same mailbox, but in the yandex .com domain :) Unfortunately, because the telephone numbers that could have been requested for registration have ended, it was not possible to arrange my favorite test for the possibility of creating an account from the mail @ or @ :)

    Black list

    The most controversial section of the site is the board of shame of fined agents , replenished by their former employers. Actually, this section is only interesting for employers - how the relationship between the realtor and a particular agency has developed for a person who is planning to rent a house does not say anything. This section is full of a butchert and a clarification of the relationship, but on how conscientiously certain agents perform their work, how they communicate with customers, etc. there for some reason not a word. I suspect, because their bosses didn’t care :) Perhaps the customer reviews would have corrected the situation - each registered user can add it, but so far, again, only agents hang out there.


    Everyone is usually interested in what this or that project is going to earn. In this regard, I have first-hand information: there is no advertising on Livebase and is not planned, paid services "send SMS I’m not a sucker and we will pick you a real hut" too. He is earning a project by selling paid accounts for agencies, and packages of documents - all kinds of contracts, receipts and other things - for agents.

    Articles and Blogs

    There are only a few articles - how to rent / rent an apartment, how to rent a room - but they are quite informative - for example, did you know that the landlord, evicting the tenant before the expiration of the contract, is obliged to find him new housing ?

    There are blogs, where without them. There are also a number of interesting texts there, but I couldn’t master all this abundance of beeches, so I will limit myself to stating the similarity of the design of post announcements with lookatme - not the worst, in principle, role model:

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    How would the conclusion

    It’s practically impossible to live in Moscow and not be confronted with the housing rental market - whoever doesn’t rent, rents out. And the housing issue is still not included in the list of things that can make us better.

    The Moscow rental market in its configuration is a dinosaur from the 90s: it is practically not regulated by laws, is 99% in the shade and lives according to some of its own rules, according to which the client is not always right, and even less so the king, and a cash cow, which needs to be bred to the maximum, having imposed a minimum of services for a maximum of money. The reasons for this can be analyzed for a long time - not least the matter is the lack of responsibility of realtors for the results of their work. But one thing is certain for sure: the need for intermediaries in rental housing is greatly exaggerated, and the Internet is the main hope for a change in the situation.

    The future is for sites like, which provide direct interaction between tenants and landlords. Realtors, however, will have a niche in which professional mediation is really necessary - this is buying and selling, renting abroad and renting commercial real estate.

    Instead of an afterword

    As a confirmation of the thesis about the prospect of renting without intermediaries in RuNet, I suggest the following experiment: if you are currently looking for or renting out a house, write about it in the comments - it is quite possible that you are lucky and you will save a lot of time and nerves :) For example, I’m I will consider the options of one-room apartments on a green branch with pleasure - write in a personal email or

    UPD Habraeffect, the site opens every other time. Press F5.

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