Advice Day at Startup Weekend

    We already wrote that Startup Weekend in an expanded format is an event for everyone.

    Today, we separately invite projects on the first day of the Weekend - Council Day.

    You have already started your project, but are well aware that competent advice will help the project soar higher, further, faster? Find out from people with experience what kind of “underwater rake” awaits you along the way and how they can be avoided with the least loss.
    Your project is almost ready, and you are thinking about promotion? Ask those who have done THIS many times, and they will tell you how to attract an audience and look for customers.
    You have already launched your project, but not everything is going as you wanted? The customer base is not growing, site traffic is not increasing? Ask for advice!

    Who will help you and when?

    1. At the very beginning of the Startup Weekend, on July 30, there will be a session where the mentors will listen to you and give practical advice.
    If you like the tips, perhaps right there you will agree with them on a long-playing collaboration.

    2. On Saturday and Sunday you can work on yourself and your project. These days, we invited experts from various fields to start the Startup Weekend to help you work out the details.

    3. Projects that have made a breakthrough (or coup) over the weekend will have the opportunity to speak at the final presentation on Sunday evening, where investors will be present.

    Do not be afraid to ask for advice.
    Send an application for a speech on Friday at
    Register for the Weekend yourself here.
    Everyone who has no projects yet, but has ideas and a desire to work, we are also waiting. Details are here .

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