Fred Wilson: Apple is evil and Facebook is just a photo-sharing site

    Fred Wilson, an investor in Twitter and Forsquare , dismissed Facebook’s Open Graph, “a strategy for socially marking up the web through the prism of people's tastes,” and also called Apple evil for its growing ambitions to control mobile devices and the entire mobile ecosystem. The following paragraphs, fished out of his speech. They are given in a disagreement, so do not be surprised at the abrupt change of topic.

    “Look realistically: Facebook is just a website for sharing photos. Well, maybe the chat is still screwed up, ”said Wilson at the Geo-Loco conference in San Francisco. “I don't think Open Graph is really important. All more or less large web applications have such a "social" side. I don’t think Open Graph is something worth waiting for or fearing. ”

    In a word, with his statement Wilson crossed the road of 500 million Facebook followers. Then, of course, he will say that he exaggerated everything a bit to create a sharp and controversial situation on the stage. He, you see, loves to walk around the edge.

    Wilson also noted that neither Google nor Twitter in their right mind would use Facebook social tools because they have their own.

    About Apple, he spoke as follows: “It seems to me that they believe that they know what you and I want. I feel this evil. "

    But, despite the fact that the number of Android devices will be several times more than iOS, the developers have not yet arranged a massive migration to Android. Google has to compete. They did a lot for us to see the Internet as it is now. They bought YouTube cool, and since then haven’t acquired anything sensible. Why not google buy facebook? He said, laughing in the audience.

    Wilson also commented on the fact that Twitter periodically lay because of the Championship in South Africa: “Twitter was not designed for the scale that it has reached. He grew very quickly, and the developers are not keeping up with him. "

    However, he added that over the past year Twitter has earned more than $ 100 million, which means that he has the resources for infrastructure development. Now the company employs 100 engineers, plus, Michael Abbott, the head of Palm for services and software, has been invited to the position of vice president of engineering.

    Finally, the speaker shared his thoughts on companies operating in the mobile sphere:

    “The prospects for Research in Motion (manufacturer Blackberry) are not encouraging”;
    “The Gowalla service (geo-oriented social network) gets the role of the second violin after Foursquare (he invested in the latter)”;
    “The HP-Palm deal was a great buy for the company.”

    Such are the comments.


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