Get rid of subfolders in Applications

    As you know, applications are a package on a poppy (a folder with the .app extension), which contains all the necessary resources and an executable file. In most cases, such a package is self-sufficient and, when moving to an arbitrary place, the application will start and work. However, some applications are not just .app, but a folder in which besides it there are other files necessary for the application. Ported applications often sin, but there are also some native Macs that are in subfolders (a stone towards iWork and Microsoft Office).
    Such a non-standard structure causes two minor inconveniences:
    1. it takes 1 click more to launch the application
    2. the folder does not have an application icon, making it harder to find visually
    Ideally, all applications should be accessible with a single click, and at least the subfolders in the Applications folder should not be visible.

    Conventionally, all such applications can be divided into two categories: those that can be safely moved while maintaining the folder structure, and those that are better not worth it. In the first category I got Quake 3, AC3D, Squeak, Master Key and Stepmania, and in the second - MacPorts, TeX, Adobe, iWork and Microsoft Office.

    To implement our insidious plans, we use pseudonyms (an analog of shortcuts in windows, symbolic links will not work here because the application will consider itself launched from Applications, where there are no required files) and the SetFile utility from Developer Tools.
    1. Create a folder / Applications / Hidden and put in it all the folders with applications that can be moved.
    2. For each package with the application (.app), create an alias (right click -> create an alias), rename it and put it in / Applications.
    3. For each non-moving application, we also create an alias and put it in / Applications.
    4. In terminal:
      cd /Applications
      sudo SetFile -a V Hidden #скрываем папку с перемещаемыми приложениями
      sudo SetFile -a V <Имя папки приложения> #для папки каждого приложения, которое не стоит перемещать

    5. Sometimes you need to restart dock so that the necessary folders disappear.
    6. Enjoy!
    After that, all your applications are available in one click and with beautiful icons:

    PS To access the Hidden folder, open Finder, press Shift + Command + G and enter / Applications / Hidden.
    To make the hidden folder visible again, enter in the terminal: PPS . I know that it’s faster to launch applications through spotlight, but through Applications in the dock I like it better.
    sudo SetFile -a v <имя папки>

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