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    imageWe help develop interesting and necessary Internet projects - free software projects, educational projects, cultural, communication and all the others that make the world a better place. Now we have launched the grant program and free of charge provide such projects with servers of various capacities - from 960 MHz CPU / 512 Mb RAM / 16 Gb HDD to 2x2560 MHz CPU / 4096 Mb RAM / 128 Gb HDD. Grants are distributed according to the results of voting at an open tender.


    Grants are provided in the form of servers, the rental of which is paid for 1 year. Grants are divided into several categories according to server capacity.

    Grant CompositionNumber of Grants
    Server True40: 2x2560 MHz CPU, 4096 Mb RAM, 128 Gb HDD1
    True32 server: 2560 MHz CPU, 2048 Mb RAM, 64 Gb HDD2
    Server True30: 1280 MHz CPU, 1024 Mb RAM, 32 Gb HDD4
    Server True22: 960 MHz CPU, 512 Mb RAM, 16 Gb HDD8

    Total Grants: 15

    Filing an application

    An application for a grant should be submitted by a direct participant in the project and should include the name of the project and the address of its website, a brief description, the number of users. For one project, you can submit several applications for different categories of grants, but only one of them can be satisfied. Applications are accepted from July 20 to July 31. The application form is located at The

    selection committee checks applications for compliance with the conditions for participation in the grant program. We also reserve the right to not allow applications to participate without explanation.

    The terms of participation

    Grants are provided for non-profit Internet projects working and in demand by the company. Startups in the early stages of launch or projects that exist only in plans cannot receive a grant.

    The main goal of the project should be to reduce entropy, to improve the world, perhaps in some narrow area - what the bureaucratic language is called to contribute to scientific, technical, social or cultural progress. The project should be focused on international or Russian users.

    Grants are not provided for online stores and online representations of commercial organizations, torrents and file archives, search engine optimization services, lotteries and financial services of any kind, socio-political organizations.

    Grants can be used only for the main or auxiliary services of the project for which the application has been submitted. Resale of the provided resources, their commercial use, as well as any use that violates Russian or international law, is prohibited.

    When closing a project or changing the nature of the project, the use of the grant should be discontinued.

    Grant allocation

    Grants are received by the winners of the competition - applications that won the most votes in a public category in their category. Voting is carried out on the voting page , all visitors can cast their votes.

    In all categories, voting takes place simultaneously. The number of winners in a category is determined by the number of grants in this category. If the application of one project won in several categories, the applicant can choose the category of the received grant at his discretion, rejecting grants in other categories.

    The applicant may withdraw his application from the competition at any time. In case the winner refuses the grant, the next application in the same category will receive it.
    Repeated Grants

    After completing the grant, the project can be re-submitted for the competition for grants on a common basis with other participants.

    The timing

    Submission of applications for participation  from July 20 to July 31
    Voting  from August 1 to August 22
    Granting  since August 23

    Grant program page: Grant

    application form:

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