From the author’s virtual travel site to a large-scale video portal

    In our harsh time, it is customary to think globally! It is necessary to create large-scale Internet projects, it is better to immediately a huge portal or service with a multi-million audience. Such ideas are visited by many webmasters and Internet entrepreneurs. What to hide, they visit me too ... And we have already begun to implement one of these.

    However, there are ideas of more modest projects of scale, for example, , i.e. site in the format of a thematic blog, mainly with unusual video content. The idea is suitable for such simple guys as me, who can neither really program, nor design, nor write beautiful texts, nor “work on camera”, however, they still want to sow the rational, kind, eternal ...

    For those who know how to do something professionally, there are also a few suggestions. In general, it would be better to show and tell in the form of a video podcast ...

    Audience: Bad Jazz Brothers - The Gameshow (Youtube safe)

    Unfortunately, I can’t openly describe the whole idea for the portal, because she's not completely mine. But we are ready to discuss it with interested people in personal correspondence. (Here there is one of our vacancies, by the way - ).

    Waiting for your feedback, suggestions and questions. Intrigue, danger, pitfalls? I’m also happy to discuss the perspectives of projects with video content, as well as any other interesting prospects :).

    Thanks for attention!

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