Comic proxy for GIT

    Surely, each of us was faced with a situation where, instead of a clear comment on the commit, I want to write another “asfasdf”. As for me, I often fall into such a state.

    I have 2 good news for you!

    1. Good people came up with for such purposes .
    2. Impressed by this project, I wrote a comic proxy for git that can add a random message to your commit.

    I’ll make a reservation right away that I’m useless plus - I wrote so that it works. I will be grateful for any help.

    Source here:


    • Download the plus file and compile with the link libcurl
    • We put the compiled file in a folder with binaries, for example in / usr / local / bin
    • When committing, we use proxies instead of git: git ++ commit (-am | --automessage)
    • The rest of the workflow does not change

    I hope someone comes in handy.

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