Droidcast Issue 13

    We are glad to welcome all Habraslushchitel!

    So another week passed and brought us another issue of Droidcast - broadcasting about the Android operating system. Seven days our friendly team of the site droidnews.ru worked for you to tell you about today:
    • Android World News
    • Sea Battle - or “sea battle with Android”
    • Ktodo is practically a Linux scheduler
    • OS Monitor - our keen eye behind the system
    • Goto - stylish and functional lockscreen
    • Gigbox - or “go to the concert”!
    • Doodle Match - brain charger
    The release turned out this time for 11 minutes and 54 seconds and weighing 16.3 Mb.

    For fans to listen to podcasts offline, we have prepared mp3 versions as 192 Kbits / s, 96 Kbit / s, and 64 Kbit / s.

    And for those who are interested in the programs or games that we reviewed, I offer QR codes for download.
    • Sea battle
    • Ktodo
    • Os monitor
    • Goto
    • Gigbox
    • Doodle match

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    Dear Khabravchians! We have a question. Which is more convenient for you: qr-codes of applications or links to the corresponding reviews on our website that already contain links and qr-codes for the jump? What do you want to see next time?

    Have a nice listening!
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