Apple could lose one and a half billion dollars on iPhone4


    Usually, Habré does not particularly welcome topics related to Apple, but in this topic we will focus mainly on the technical problem of iPhone4 and the losses that the corporation may suffer. In general, there are few IT-related people left who haven’t heard of the iPhone 4 signal loss problem. After thousands and thousands of complaints from users dissatisfied with the situation, Apple gave an official response, according to which the problem is the failure of the signal indicator, that is, in the device software. The company even promised to release a software update for the iPhone to fix this problem. At the same time, a number of experts conducted a check, and the decision runs counter to Apple’s approval. Experts believe that the problem is still hardware. And if so, then Apple will have to replace devices, make a review.

    Immediately another specialist arrived, Tony Sacconagi and Bernstein Research, who calculated how much such a review would cost the corporation. He claims that Apple will have to fork out no less than one and a half billion dollars (!), Which currently makes up about 3.5% of the corporation's turnover.

    In general, a solid blow to the pocket of the company, which may be one of the "straws that broke the back of a camel." So, Tony advises the guys from Apple not to justify problems with software, but simply to develop nozzles for isolating the antenna, which will allow to solve this issue with minimal losses.

    Such a nozzle currently costs about $ 30, although its cost is $ 1. It will be easier for everyone if they simply start distributing the nozzle for free - this will bring much less loss than recalling all devices.

    Interestingly, the Gizmodo website received a curious letter from its reader, where he talked about how he handed over his iPhone 4 to a warranty service complaining of the very problem with signal reception. So, they gave him back the device without a problem with the signal, a new device. It seems that Apple is conducting a “quiet” exchange of problematic devices for normal ones.

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