What do you choose?

    Problem of choice

    Our whole life is a choice. Every day, every minute, and even every second, we have to choose. We woke up early in the morning on an alarm clock and thought - getting up to work or lying around for another half hour and being late. Then we decide what to wear, put on, than to get to work. At work, we also constantly make some important and not very decisions. Even during the lunch break, we decide where, what and how much to eat. After work, you need to buy products home. Where is it better to do it - in the market or in the supermarket? And you need to cook something for dinner. And what exactly - borsch or soup, or maybe just cook pizza? In the evening I want to relax, so much so that I can usefully. Can gather friends and break away somewhere? Or sit at home and watch some interesting movie? Even on vacation, the problem of choice does not allow us to relax ...

    And no matter what we do - we plan to repair, buy new equipment, look for work, arrange a personal life or simply reflect on the meaning of being - we always and everywhere have to make continuous choices. And neither men nor women are immune from this. Choice is a common human problem.


    But, as you know, any problem in this life can be solved. And we volunteered to help you with this. Our team has developed a special service dedicated to the topic of choice in our lives. Now each user can vote for one of two items put up for voting.

    The site one-of-two.com is very convenient to use, since all topics are divided into categories and you can only vote on a topic that interests you. You can also view the voting in free order, as you add new votes.

    The site highlights both the most pressing issues and those that we rarely think about in everyday life, but still, life puts us before them at the most unexpected moment. In addition, here you can always find out the opinions of other users on the question that interests you, which will help you make the necessary decision. Since each visitor has the opportunity not only to vote, but also to leave a comment and make his opinion public.

    If you are tormented by the problem of choice, which is not yet on the site, you have the opportunity to propose your vote. To do this, you need to register and go to the "My Account" section. The very next day you can see your vote on the site and find out the opinions of other users.
    In the "Ratings" section, everyone has the opportunity to view the top ten most active users in three categories - by the number of votes, by the number of comments and by the number of proposed votes.

    Our site also has a cognitive function. Each voting point is accompanied by a picture (which removes the language barrier) and a full description. That is, on the site one-of-two.com, you can follow the latest in the field knowledgeable in different areas.

    Social service

    Website one-of-two.com is a social service. All users have the opportunity to follow the new polls and ratings using the social networks “VKontakte” and “Twitter”, as well as subscribe to the news feed using the RSS feed to receive updates when changing the content of the site.

    The site development team does not stop there and is constantly looking for ways to improve. If you have any questions related to the site, or suggestions, you can contact the site administration at any time simply by sending a message in the "My Account" section.

    And do not skimp on the comments. Remember that each of your words can help another person make the most important choice in his life.

    Some interesting facts:
    - The idea of ​​the service was born 2 years ago, due to congestion it was implemented in the spring of this year;
    - The first domain for this project was with a grammatical error - my-choise.com ;
    - before the current version of the design was still 4th;
    - This version of the design has undergone at least two major changes in the structure after the launch of the project;
    - each page is sharpened by two keys;
    - before launching the project, there were serious fears that PSs would not index the site well, due to “general” concepts in the voting descriptions. Fears did not materialize;
    - The most unexpected traffic from the PS, which constantly goes to the site, "cowardly" subjects. Men's underpants and swimming trunks - our everything =)
    - Apart from the VKontakte group and Twitter account, Habr - the first exit "to people";
    - Registration of new polls involved in their free time 3 designers;
    - It took more than two weeks to write this short article. For me, websites are easier to do than write articles, so don't judge strictly.

    The author of the post is Alexey Sergienko (info@kpd.pl.ua).
    UPD: All comments on his own behalf.

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