84% of Facebook can give to an unknown American


    Today there is very interesting news concerning the well-known social network Facebook and its permanent leader, Mark Zuckerberg. The fact is that until now, an unknown American Paul Czeglia has claimed no less than 84% of the assets of this social network. Recall that not so long ago, Microsoft bought only two percent of Facebook for a couple of hundred million dollars. The total project cost is estimated at about 15 billion (although there are other opinions). In any case, Facebook really costs billions of US dollars. But back to our American.

    Paul Chelya not just claimed the rights of the owner of more than half of the assets of the social network. He demonstrated a copy of the contract that was concluded between him and the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. This agreement provides for the creation of a website whose working name is The Face Book, for which Zuckerberg receives $ 1,000, while Chelya receives 50% of the assets.

    For a delay in the contract (i.e. for non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the site), the user receives 1% for each day of delay. So, Paul Chelya dates the date of his lawsuit on February 4, 2004, when under the terms of this strange agreement 84% of the site’s assets should have been transferred to him.

    Interestingly, Chelya himself and his lawyer, Paul Argenteri, remain silent for now, without commenting on the current situation. Zuckerberg byebiting nails is also silent. A Facebook spokesman has already spoken out, saying that "The lawsuit is very frivolous and we will fight decisively in court." An interesting phrase - after all, why with a frivolous, according to Facebook, lawsuit "seriously fight"?

    Be that as it may, the lawyers are already commenting on the matter, saying that the contract itself is very unusual, since it does not stipulate what Zuckerberg should receive except for the notorious $ 1,000. In addition, in the state of New York, the statute of limitations for such cases is 6 years, so in any case Chelya was late with the lawsuit for at least six months.

    It is worth recalling that now the user base of Facebook is already 500 million people, and continues to grow. If Chelya achieves anything, it will be, without a doubt, the most high-profile case concerning the Internet sphere over the past few years (if not all the time at all).

    Oh yeah, I almost forgot - Chelya himself is known only for the fact that in 2009 he raised $ 200,000 from gullible citizens in exchange for a promise to supply wood pellets, but didn’t put anything. I wonder if he was a con man in 2003 and what links him to Zuckerberg.

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