Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta Development Kit Released

    Good news!

    During the WPC 2010 conference, Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta ! Details and some description of the changes can be found here .

    Download link here .

    Before installing, you must remove the following components:


    • Before installing, be sure to read the release notes ;
    • more detailed description of innovations ;
    • With the release of this version of tools, developers can get debug versions of phones. To do this, you need to send your data to . Details in this article ;
    • Expression Blend for Windows Phone is now an integral part of the toolbox;
    • Using the Developer Registration Utility, you can unlock your WP7-based device for development purposes.
    • XAP Deployment Tool allows you to place XAP files directly to an unlocked device;
    • there are still no Panorama and Pivot controls; their appearance is expected within a couple of weeks;
    In addition, registration is available for the Windows Phone 7 Jump Start online event , where developers can learn how to develop applications for WP7:
    • July 20 - 8am: Session One: Getting Started with Microsoft Windows Phone and Silverlight
    • July 20 - 1pm: Session Two: Programming Game Applications with XNA
    • July 22 - 8am: Session Three: Programming Applications with Silverlight
    • July 22 - 1pm: Session Four: Review and Wrap Up
    Register for the event here .

    You can learn more about the release from this blog post .

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