Google may “leave” China this week


    The problem of Google and the Chinese authorities can finally be resolved this week. The fact is that this week the decision of the Chinese authorities will be made - to renew or not to license the work of the search giant in China. Earlier, the Chinese had already threatened to revoke the corporation’s license if it did not abandon its intention to ignore China’s laws regarding censorship of information. The fact is that in China, all information in the Chinese segment of the Network is censored. Google refused to do this (here is the beginning of the story), and it is clear that the Celestial authorities did not like this.

    Google’s executive director Eric Schmidt said that he’s confident that the Chinese authorities will renew the license because “Our operations in China are now fully compliant with the law.”

    The Chinese themselves are far from so sure of this. For example, China Daily, a well-known Chinese newspaper, writes that the problem is "hanging in the air" and its final solution is still very vague. But without a license, Google will have to completely collapse almost all of its services, including mail and Google Maps.

    Recall another nuance - not so long ago, Google transferred all the Chinese traffic to the Hong Kong server, where the content is issued without any censorship. This was very disliked by the Chinese authorities, who directly stated this to the corporation management. The Chinese authorities said that Google should either work in mainland China, or simply leave the country.

    Interestingly, Google previously stated that without any problems, the corporation will curtail all its activities in China if the authorities do not compromise. It seems that the management of the company has changed its mind, since the company makes so much effort to stay in this market. True, Google’s legal adviser, David Drummond, said that if Beijing still took the license, Google would “leave” immediately.

    With the departure of the corporation, problems will arise not only for itself (both financial and personnel). The Chinese will have many problems, as well as the numerous companies that work with Google’s advertising services.

    Well, wait and see, there is only a week left before the "Chinese question" is resolved.

    Here is the source of the news.

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