Canonical will introduce a new font

    According to the leader of the Canonical design team, Ivanka Maitz, the company is preparing a new font. Already, those with Ubuntu Members status can access the closed PPA. It is expected that work on the font will be completed on August 8, and then beta will be available to everyone.

    The Ubuntu font is fully based on the TruType format and fully supports Unicode encoding. It contains extended Latin character sets, polytonic Greek characters, and extended Cyrillic.

    The font is expected to be included in Ubuntu 10.10. The exact details of the license are still unknown, but it will certainly be free to use and distribute.

    There are presentation slides - FontDevelopment.pdf , where you can see the font itself.

    UPD: it's not entirely clear whose development it is - Canonical or Dalton Maag. Given the presence of screenshots with Windows in the presentation :)

    UPD 2: examples of use (thanks to Malamut ):

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