NIC.UA started accepting preliminary applications for Cyrillic domains in and

    imageThe domain registrar NIC.UA offers its customers to register a Cyrillic domain in the zones and Already, company customers can submit a preliminary application for registration of a domain name written in Cyrillic.

    Cyrillic domains can look, for example, like this: or .

    The cost of a preliminary application for Cyrillic domains ranges from $ 8.56 to $ 16.00, depending on the cumulative discount of the client according to the registrar tariffs .

    Starting July 22, the cost of the Cyrillic and domains will not differ from the cost of registering domains in Latin.

    Each client can submit an arbitrary number of applications. All applications will be processed immediately after the start of registration, scheduled by the Hostmaster company on July 22 this year . Until this date, the application for registration will be marked with the status of "in progress".

    If the domain is not registered, the application status will change to “closed”, and its cost will be fully refunded to the client in his personal account in the NIC.UA account. This money can be spent on other services provided by the registrar, for example, register another domain or renew an existing one.
    You can submit a preliminary application on the page available at the link:

    Please note:

    The rules for registering IDN domains can be found on the official website of the Hostmaster company
    Domain names that violate this regulation cannot be registered.

    You can check the domain’s compliance with the domain’s rules on the page:
    For example, such a Ukrainian word as “square” (flower) cannot be registered :

    Special attention should be paid to the following points:
    • The Ukrainian apostrophe symbol (as in the word "meat") is not used in domain names.
    • The domain name should contain only the characters of one of the alphabets: either only the Cyrillic alphabet, or only the Latin alphabet.
    • The domain name must contain at least one unique letter (visually distinguishable from Latin letters and numbers) .

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