Physics Labs in php

    Trying to put things in order in the archive, I came across several wonderful scripts written while still in my first year.

    The fact is that all laboratory work required hand-written writing all the actions. For me personally, it was the worst thing ever. I rewrote the first lab three times completely, simply because I lost or made stupid mistakes in the calculations.

    The result of this torment was a script that generated the entire report with all the actions, and I could only rewrite it. Honestly, I don’t understand how and why I wrote it, apparently out of deep despair. Later (in the second semester) I became smarter and simply wrote off someone else's report by applying my measurement protocol.

    Technically, everything is implemented in php using a wonderfula library that makes it easy to display formulas in the form of pictures. The source code is something terrible , but it works surprisingly.

    PS But how our losers rejoiced at this thing at the end of the semester ...

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