HTC Hero Week With Official Android 2.1

    All Hero owners have been waiting for the official Android 2.1 firmware for a very long time. Well, including me.
    After a week of use, I realized that the new firmware brought me only disappointment. Either I am one such loser, or everyone is silent, realizing that they have received several not what they expected. But still I will express my opinion on the new firmware.
    1. Creepy brakes compared to the original 1.5. This is especially pronounced when opening the address book. Opening a list of recent calls takes 4-5 seconds, which is unacceptable. Also, brakes are observed when opening SMS. I associate this to some extent with the fact that most of the people in my contacts have a photo (here Google sincerely thanks for the incentive to deal with the address book). I see no other explanation.
    2. The battery runs out very quickly. If before it was enough for a day and a half, now it barely holds for a day.
    3. During synchronization, more traffic began to fly away. I have unlimited, but still unpleasant. Yes, and the energy of 3G eats well.

    Actually, I was expecting updates in the hope that the above points would improve, but it turned out the other way around. As a result, I got some dubious innovations (I see absolutely no joy in animated wallpapers and desktop deployments) and deterioration in priority settings.
    My opinion is that HTC Hero hardware in principle does not pull 2.1 and this update was completely superfluous. I don’t think that HTC is so crooked programmers, most likely under pressure from the leadership (which was pressured by public opinion) they squeezed out everything they could from the Hero. For this they honor and praise.
    But using your favorite phone has become uncomfortable and unpleasant, alas.

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