MTS opens file sharing

    MTS announced the launch of the file sharing Internet service . Using it, you can send files up to 2 GB in size to specific email addresses, i.e. file hosting is an address. It is curious that the service is not tied to MTS subscribers in any way - it does not require entering a phone number and works through a web interface. The question arises: how is MTS going to make money on this? ..

    The only option that I see is the opportunity to make money on traffic from its subscribers who will use the service from mobile phones. Those. in fact, there is stimulation of traffic consumption. But, in my opinion, few people, without using an unlimited tariff, will download large files from a cell phone. So the initiative looks strange - at least.
    On the other hand, through this service you can send a pirated copy of anything (a film, for example, is quite suitable in volume) - you only need to specify the addressees. At the same time, there is no mention of any responsibility for pirated content - they are even going to check for viruses themselves.

    Details of the service from MTS:
    Who can use
    Take advantage of the new file-sharing service from MTS can subscribers of any mobile operators with personal computers with Internet access. The service does not require registration on the operator’s website, both for the sender and the recipient of the transferred files.

    How it works
    To send files to the user, it is necessary to indicate in the opened sending form on the main page of the service up to 20 recipient email addresses, leave your return email address, and also attach the files that he wants to forward, and click the “send” button.

    To the email addresses indicated by the sender in the form of sending, the recipients will receive a notification with information about the downloaded file. By clicking on the “Download” button in the letter, the recipient goes to the service page from which he can download the file downloaded for him.

    A notification on successful delivery of files to recipients is sent to the sender’s email. Files uploaded by the user for sending to recipients are stored on the Redpost server for no more than two weeks.

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