Withdraw funds from webmoney using "instant" transfers

    Good day, habrasociety.

    I want to share the experience of trying to withdraw funds from the Webmoney payment system. “Instant” translations did not live up to their name, but first things first.


    Probably many participants of the Webmoney system at least once used money transfers ( perevod.webmoney.ru) to carry out cash withdrawals from the system, although a bank card transfer is much more convenient and secure. But nevertheless, it is not always possible to withdraw by card, because sometimes you have to use transfers, especially when money is needed as quickly as possible. So, I’m used to using transfers, the Anelik system is most pleased, but recently a new money transfer system called “Golden Crown” has appeared on the site perevod.webmoney.ru, which I decided to use this time, since one from the "cash points" was right in front of my house, across the road. To my surprise, this item turned out to be one of the stores of the well-known Russian network of mobile communication salons Svyaznoy ( www.svyaznoy.ru ). But since the money was needed urgently, without hesitation, I confirmed the transfer and after an hour of waiting I ran to the Messenger for the desired money. But there it was, details under the cut.


    In a connected

    Arriving at the liaison officer, I turned to the staff and found out that money was not issued in cash , and the first transfer issued a Mastercard Svyaznoy Club card ( www.sclub.ru ). But I already had such a card, which I acquired much earlier, which I told them about. Having taken the card from me, they tried to transfer funds to the card, but they didn’t succeed for an “unknown reason”, they advised me to call the liaison center and find out what was the matter. I nodded and went to call from the mobile to the center (the benefit is free), the operator asked for the transfer number, and saying that “no transfer was found in the system”, I advised you to contact the Golden Crown information center.

    OK, I’m calling them, the answering machine answers that “Now all the operators are busy, the approximate waiting time17 minutes ”, if the money weren’t needed so urgently, I would have spit on everything and canceled the transfer, but this is not the case ... After waiting for more than 17 minutes, I finally contacted the operator who found the transfer and said, that everything is in order, the transfer must be issued, but not in cash, but to a card, namely to the “Svyaznoy Club Mastercard” card, I was asked to transfer the receiver to a liaison officer. The employee told her for a long time that the system gives an error, as a result, she was connected with a technical specialist who told her what the reason was: it turns out that the name of the card holder and the owner of the Webmoney certificate should match (and it coincided), and the phone numbers should match, indicated by contact in the certificate and on the map.

    But it’s interesting that webmoney didn’t warn about this anywhere in the process of processing the transfer, there wasn’t even written anywhere that my phone number would be read from my certificate, and even more so, no information about processing cards, etc. Everywhere it says cash dispensing !

    Briefly about the Mastercard Svyaznoy Club card (you can skip)

    I have been using this wonderful card for some time, which is also a bank debit card, as well as a discount accumulative card for connected stores. It’s convenient for me, because it is issued free of charge (when registering, you need to pay 500 rubles, which you can immediately withdraw at an ATM or spend in a store), no service fee is charged, card payments in stores without a commission, cash withdrawal at certain ATMs (the list is on the site) without commission, well, the fact that this card is real and can be easily paid for, for example, on eBay or for paid Skype calls, and as another bonus, for every 100 rubles spent where or 1-21 rubles discount in a connected. Conveniently.

    What's next?

    The problem is understandable, the point is the mismatch of phone numbers. The employee started changing the contact phone number of my card in her database so that it matches the one in Webmoney, but the database answered her with “Inadmissible change of personal data”, she phoned the technical specialist, waited 20 minutes again and reported the situation, he answered that he also failed to change the data. And then I remembered one fact that maybe the number is not installed, since it is already registered to another card in the same system, but with a different name. This card was also with me, but I couldn’t change the number on it (I wanted to enter my sister’s number, on which the card was issued), the technician had a system failure, and the employee had access denied ... The technician advised to issue me a new card, which the employee began to do,

    And the casket just opened

    Hoping for good luck, I decided to call the Svyaznoy Club club information center in order to change the number first on my sister’s card (there is my number on the certificate) to her, and then change the number on my card to the one on the certificate. Oddly enough, I succeeded, no crashes and access restrictions. I told the employee that the number now matches, she entered the data into the translation system, and, well, the transfer is finally “successfully completed”, the funds are already allegedly on my card. I ditched 2.5 hours of evening time for an operation that takes just 5 minutes.

    But I want to say a big thank you to these two employees from a liaison in Volgograd at ul. Eletskaya d. 10, Daria and Mary. While Daria was only occupied with me for several hours, Maria served the rest of the store, although the work was designed for at least two employees.


    Despite such a lengthy process of obtaining an “instant transfer”, I ran happily, contentedly to the store and picked up a whole cart of products and other necessities. At the checkout, I used to pay with a card, but it turned out that the payment was “not approved”, since there were not enough funds in the account. I had to give up shopping and the dead to go home ... I no longer had the strength to call and complain somewhere. The money that was very needed that day came only in the evening of the next day, an SMS told me about it, having fallen on the phone. Of course I was glad that the money came at all, but unfortunately, at the time when they were needed “before the tantrum” they were not there. As the saying goes, “He who gives in time gives twice.”

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