Seventh Free Software Developer Conference

    VII Free Software Developers Conference

    For 6 years, this traditional event has been loved by many. The backbone of annually coming listeners and speakers has formed, and new participants are pleasantly surprised at the dissimilarity of the event to other similar ones. The format of the conference does not imply mass participation, partly because of its specificity, usually the number of participants does not exceed 100 people. Such chamberness favors the creation of a democratic atmosphere, participants can talk to speakers without fuss, find like-minded people, and take part in general discussions.

    The first six conferences were held in Obninsk, Kaluga Region, the seventh will be held in the cozy Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl Region, where you can comfortably get on the free buses from Moscow (metro VDNH) provided by the organizers, and leave at the end of the conference.

    The conference program this time is designed for 2 full days, July 26-27, 2010. At the end of the second day, it is planned to organize a round table on the topic "Free programs for the school."

    Participation for speakers and participants in free projects is free.

    Topics for reports:
    • Free software development projects.
    • Scientific projects in various fields of knowledge, including the development of products under a free license.
    • Cultural, philosophical and legal features of free licensing.
    • Free software for public authorities.

    Subjects for reports are accepted until July 7.

    More about the procedure for submitting applications for participation in the conference

    Organizers: ALT Linux, Institute of Logic, IEU “IPS-University of Pereslavl named after A.K. Aylamazyan ”, Institute of Software Systems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

    Abstracts of the first six conferences in PDF format:

    I Conference
    II Conference
    III Conference
    IV Conference
    V Conference
    VI Conference

    PS Another tradition is the Linux Summer School for professionals in the days before the conference. The school will be conducted by the author of textbooks and special courses on UNIX and Linux-related topics, Georgy Kuryachiy, an employee of the ASVK department of the faculty of VM&K of Moscow State University.
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